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Grenzgänger nominated for Buxtehuder Bulle

The German translation of Grensgangers (Grenzgänger, by Eva Schweikart) is nominated for the renowded German Book Award for Young People’s Literatur, The Buxtehuder Bulle. The winner is determined on June 18 2020, by a jury of eleven young readers and eleven adults. You can find the other nominees here.

Les Couleurs du Ghetto wins Prix Libbylit

On the Brussels Book Fair, Les Couleurs du Ghetto (the French translation of De kleuren van het getto) has been awarded the Prix Libbylit by the Belgian section of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young people). The book was translated by Maurice Lomré and published by the Swiss publisher La joie de Lire.

Los límites de la línea

September 1, 2019 the Mexican publisher Ediciones SM, published the Spanish translation of Grensgangers. The book is titled Los límites de la línea and was translated by Maria Rosich Andreu. It will be available in Central- and South-American and US book shops and libraries.


On March 20, the German publishing house Urachhaus published Grenzgänger, the German translation of Grensgangers. The book was translated by Eva Schweikart. On the occasion of 30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall, I wrote an afterword about what the Berlin Wall means to me personally.

De kleuren van het getto in French

The Swiss publisher La Joie de Lire has bought the translation rights for De kleuren van het getto(The War within these Walls). In 2017 they already published La jeune fille et le soldat (Het meisje en de soldaat. The translator will be Maurice Lomré, who also translated La jeune fille et le soldat. The French edition of De kleuren van het getto is to be expected in 2019.

Grensgangers abroad

On the book fairs of Frankfurt and Bologna the international rights of Grensgangers (Crossing the line) are sold to the Mexican Publisher Grupo SM and to the German Publisher Urachhaus. The translations are to be expected in 2019!

Really looking forward to reading the words of Julian, Marthe and Sybille in their original language. And also looking forward to the first Spanish translation.

French translation The girl and the soldier

Het meisje en de soldaat (The Girl and  the Soldier) has been translated in French. The rights were sold to the Suisse publisher La joie de Lire.  The book is translated by Maurice Lomré. The cover design is different from the original and the German and Danish translation. But the title remained almost the same: La jeune fille et le soldat. (The young girl and the soldier)

Best children’s and YA writers under 40 from across Europe

The Aarhus39 selection was announced at the London Book Fair on March 15, 2017. Aarhus39 is a selection of the 39 best children’s and YA writers under 40 from across Europe. And I’m one of them (as the only Flemish author)

These writers will take part in an ambitious Hay Festival in the European Capital of Culture Aarhus (Denmark) in October 2017. We all wrote a short story that will be published in two (English and Danish) anthologies.

Visit the Aarhu39 website or read the press release for more information.